F1 Festival in Hollywood 10/30/2019

Full gallery of photos and videos (lots of videos!):


Quick Highlights:

Danny Ricciardo’s final donut!

I had such a great time at the Formula 1 Live event in Hollywood.

Everyone I met from the teams to the drivers was really nice and generous with their time.  I met Albon, Verstappen, Bottas, Ricciardo, Horner, and Coulthard.

Again, everyone was super nice, Albon was so lowkey and friendly.  Verstappen spent a lot of time taking photos with fans in his hotel lobby, Ricciardo, well, is Ricciardo, such a great guy!  I spoke with him briefly about driving V8 Supercars and how fun that was.  Bottas was a real gentleman, taking a lot of time with fans.  I happened to be standing near the Mercedes garage area that was set up South of Hollywood Blvd when he arrived and it was nice to see how friendly and respectful he was towards the entire team that was there.  He even came up to me to shake my hand because I think he thought I was with the team (and didn’t realize I was just an F1 nerd)!

All the teams were also really generous with their time, giving me technical information, going in a lot of detail with me.  For example, what brand of connectors they use in their wiring harnesses, etc.  Mercedes guys let me look at the laptop running the Atlas data logging software.  Just a really cool experience for me.

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