Speed Ventures Autocross – Fontana . . . again

Participated in an Autocross put together by Speed Ventures. The event was at AAA Speedway on 11/9/13. Tons of fun and got to do lots of runs.

Just the outside camera angle from my best run of the day.

This was my first time with this car on Nito NT-05 tires. I had a lot of problems in the first half of the day getting the correct tire pressures. Prior to the event I did some tire pyrometer and lateral acceleration tests at different pressures which led me to start the day at 40 PSI all around. The car was still having tons of understeer. After trying a few things we ended up going to 48 in the front and 44 in the rear and everything just “hooked up”, the lap times started dropping.

I used my AiM SoloDL data logger again, which gives me a ton of information to look at.

Lap times improved a lot once we got the right tire pressures

Lap times improved a lot once we got the right tire pressures


Thank you to TrakkTape – Great product for protecting my car on track!

Track Day Protection

Track Day Protection

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