Building my Endurance/ Skid Plate Car


To compete in the upcoming season of skid plate/ front wheel drive endurance racing, I knew I wanted to get my own car together.  I also have very little knowledge when it comes to working on cars, so I knew I would need help.  This is where Robert Rice Racing came in.  Robert helped me source a donor car as well as get it prepped to race.  He also could handle storing and transporting the car. I wanted it to be extra safe.  This meant installing a proper roll cage, racing seat and 6 point harness which the guys did a great job doing.


Robert found me a wonderful 1993 Honda Accord.  He personally has several Accords he takes care of, so having them all the same makes spare parts a lot easier.

THE FIRST STEP Is to strip all the internals of the car.  The rules require no glass except the windshield and we pulled everything out of the car that was not needed to race.  Even the working radio.

THE CAGE After stripping out the interior, the roll cage can be installed.  In addition to the cage, we worked on how to mount my “proper” race seat (an OMP WRC).  We also removed the stock steering wheel for a smaller Sparco one.

PAINT Of course a fast car must have fast paint.  So I thought green was the obvious choice.  I roped in my friend, Alex Miller to help me paint the car with my consumer paint sprayer and it actually worked out pretty well.

I am really happy with the car and again, have to thank Robert Rice for all his help with this.


Thank you to TrakkTape – Great product for protecting my car on track!

Track Day Protection

Track Day Protection

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