Enduro – Irwindale Speedway – 6/20/2015


Skip all this reading and jump to the VIDEO if all these words are overwhelming!

With my new radio system freshly installed, I was excited going into this endurance race!

Normally I run this car in “skid plate” races at Irwindale.  However, several times a year the track holds a “enduro” using the same or similar cars that normally compete on skid plates, just running with all 4 tires.

If I’m honest – the main reason I put together a skid plate car was to have a car for these “enduro” races.  It is really one of the least expensive ways to get into wheel to wheel racing.

This race would be 30 laps and as for the car – it would remain unchanged, aside from getting 4 tires instead of two.  The suspension could really use some tuning as the car was a handful to get around this tight course.  For more info on the car – see the full post of the car build here.

With a “first come first serve” style starting order, I rushed to get the car out to the autograph session as I had a feeling that it would dictate my starting position.  I got out to the front and had a nice time meeting all the fans and other drivers.  Big thank you to my family for making the trip out!

My plan for rushing out to the autograph session paid off and I found myself starting on the first row, inside.  This race was a standing start which was different than our usual format.  Unfortunately I did not get a great start.  I felt like the car lagged off the line or I got some wheel spin.  Either way I was fighting to keep my position into the first corner.

This was a very messy first lap.  I managed to avoid some contact in the first corner but found myself caught in a fight between the 02 and 83 cars.  I tried to back off to give them some room but going into the next turn 83 pushed 02 right in my path, giving me nowhere to go.

I went into the back of the 02 and immediately knew I was in trouble.  It didn’t feel like much of a hit but I could see how pushed in my front end was and had the sinking feeling that my race would be ending soon.  I got on the radio to ask my buddy Cliff if he could see any damage beyond what I could but before we got too into it my car just totally cut out on the next lap.

Coasting to a stop I was immediately on the radio telling them what was going on and seeing if I could troubleshoot it.  I knew from the last time I had this type of damage that the main fuse blew and that if I could just jump the fuse I would be able to at least drive to the pits and see if I could rejoin the race.

Ultimately there was nothing that could be done in the time we had.  A very frustrating end to our race.  Looking forward to the next one!


Thank you to TrakkTape – Great product for protecting my car on track!

Rugged Radios - The Authority in Communications

Rugged Radios – The Authority in Communications

Track Day Protection

Track Day Protection


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