Enduro – Irwindale Speedway – 8/20/2016


Skip all this reading and jump to the VIDEO if all these words are overwhelming!

For more info on the car – see the full post of the car build here.

Fun but really frustrating race at Irwindale Night of Destruction.  The race was in two parts, I was running in 3rd and 2nd for the first part.  On the restart, I disappeared from the scoreboard and was made to restart in 12th.  Irwindale never gave me an explanation as to what happened and refused to review the scoring.

I had to drive very aggressively for the second half and ultimately went too far, damaging the car, unable to finish with 2 laps remaining…

As always, big thank you to Robert Rice and his guys for keeping the car running and sorry to them for all the damage!




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Rugged Radios – The Authority in Communications

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Track Day Protection


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